After successfully crowdfunding our award-winning drama 'Our Father', we found that those who helped finance the project felt more involved in the picture, thus allowing them to share something they were proud to have been a part of. Although we're not running a crowdfunding campaign for 'Divided We Stand', we would LOVE for the audience to feel involved again and thus have launched this funding page allowing those who wish to be part of the project to have a chance to participate again. Please feel free to have a browse below.





'Divided We Stand' is an upcoming short film from award-winning filmmaker, Calum Rhys. A study of the effects of the brutality and horrors of trench warfare inflicted upon the soldiers, 'Divided We Stand' will further portray the contrasting views of World War I from both the British and German perspective. With inspiration gathered from films, books, documentaries, the soldier's accounts and first-hand research undertaken on the battlefields in Belgium, the cast and crew will ensure that the project is created in a respectful manner in commemoration of those who lost their lives, conveying emotions of sorrow, friendship, innocence and adventure without delving too much into schmaltzy territory, instead honouring the dead.



We are Smashing UK Productions, an award-winning film production company based in Worcester, United Kingdom. Since formation in 2010, we have produced a number of diverse productions across a variety of genres including a psychological drama, a comedy-thriller and a World War II film, the latter of which premiered at the 69th Cannes Film Festival and went on to receive 14 award nomination and 3 wins during its festival run.




'Divided We Stand' is a war drama film following two avowed enemies, a British and German soldier, who succumb to an unexpected confrontation after becoming trapped in a Belgian farmhouse amid a skirmish during the Battle of Passchendaele. The battle itself features as a background element, but will still be focussing on the horrors of trench warfare. The main plot is of two conflicting enemies who must come to a mutual understanding during the midst of war.



When it comes down to making a film, two of the most vital aspects are sound and visuals. The director of photography we are currently in talks with is a talented cinematographer with a stunning portfolio of projects under their belt, who like ourselves is inspired by industry legends like Roger Deakins, Conrad L. Hall and Emmanuel Lubezki. In regards to musical composition, the incredibly talented Michael Frankenberger hailing from Salzburg, Austria will be taking the creative reigns in crafting the original score.



Location scouting was a primary objective for the film before we could proceed with pre-production. We have recently scouted across the UK, and even as far as Belgium, looking for locations that could replicate the Belgian fields and farms and are currently in talks with an incredibly detailed film set in Suffolk (famously used in Sainsbury's 'Christmas 1914' advert), with the remainder of the film scenes being shot in Worcestershire.


£50 / $65




You will receive a "special thanks" credit on both the film and on the Internet Movie Database - with the chance of having your name appear at film festivals. Plus your name shared across social media and an HD download of the film.


£100 / $129




A copy of the film on DVD along with the soundtrack from talented composer Michael Frankenberger. Plus your name shared across social media, an HD download of the film and a "special thanks" credit.


£400 / $517




The chance to get an associate producer credit on the film, the website and the Internet Movie Database, plus the opportunity to view the film before anyone else. Plus a social media share, an HD download and "special thanks" credit.


£800 / $1035




You will receive an executive producer credit on the film and alongside this perk we will advertise your company with our 30,000+ followers across our social media community. Plus a social media share, an HD download and "special thanks" credit.


£2000/ $2586




THE VERY BIG ONE! The £800 perk states that we will advertise your company, however for this perk we will list your production company as an associate company during the opening and closing credits and will also get a final say on the project prior to release. You will be invited to all industry screenings. Plus ALL previous perks!


This perk is also open to customisation upon discussion.


£10 / $13




Your name will be shared throughout the 30,000+ followers across our social media community, with a shout out on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and our official website.



£25 / $32




A high definition copy of the final film upon completion. You will receive a password that will allow you to access the film and download it in high quality. Plus your name shared across social media.

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