Founded on 23 April 2010 by aspiring filmmaker Calum Rhys - who created his first film at the age of 11 - Smashing UK Productions was initially established as a YouTube channel, focussing on the creation of video blogs and comical sketches with his friends whilst studying at Sixth Form in Evesham, Worcestershire. Projects were generally unscripted and created on minimal to no budget, using the assistance of friends and family and employing amateur guerrilla filmmaking techniques.
In 2011, the majority of the channel's collaborators were in the process of leaving for universities across the UK, so Calum took the opportunity of the last few months of the summer before disbanding to get creative with a new, more ambitious project, and began producing his dystopian thriller web series "GRIDLOCK". Stepping away from comedy and moving more into drama territory, "GRIDLOCK" allowed the filmmakers to start experimenting with different filmmaking techniques and gave the company its first real taste of utilising action sequences and visual effects to create more elaborate set pieces. During subsequent summers during university breaks, the filmmakers continued to expand upon these projects, including their first festival screened project "THE CITY".
Whilst studying at university in York, Calum built connections with those with filmmaking interests and commenced collaborating on new projects, whilst also focussing on altering the direction of Smashing UK from YouTube content towards film production. The first award-nominated project from Smashing UK was the psychological drama "THE SECRET EYE", filmed on location in York by Calum and his housemates in December 2012. The film was nominated for 'Best Student Film' at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards and received positive press publicity throughout York.
During the last few months of university, Calum started prepping "OUR FATHER", the company's most challenging project to date that aimed to launch Smashing UK towards creating content for theatrical and festival distribution, veering away from the amateur YouTube videos they had spent so many years creating. Pre-production saw the producers raise £3,500 towards production - the first officially financed picture for Smashing UK - as well as casting professional talent from shows like "GAME OF THRONES". In August 2014, 3 months after finishing university, "OUR FATHER" began filming and continued for five days across Worcestershire. Rob Byrd, Ryan Eden and Morgan Rhys, who had continually collaborated with the company since its formation, came on board for the project.
In May 2016, over a year after filming completed, Smashing UK finally gained what it considered to be its first bout of professional success when "OUR FATHER" was accepted at the 69th Cannes Film Festival as part of the Court Metrage programme. Following Cannes, the film saw further success with screenings across Australia, the Cayman Islands, Croatia, France, Romania, the UK and the US, receiving 14 award nominations and winning 3. Smashing UK has since begun to branch off into corporate media and music videos, whilst continuing to pursue creative projects as their preferential focus. In 2017, the company created the side project "WAYWARD SOULS" to bide time whilst working on the pre-production for further films. In 2019, the company announced they had three short films and a debut feature in development for the early 2020s.
Our 2020 World War I drama "DIVIDED WE STAND" has recently started its festival circuit with its world premiere at the Oscar-qualifying Izmir International Film Festival in Turkey. Development on our 2021 urban drama "NO NEWS TODAY" has recently kickstarted.



Normandie World War II Film Festival, FRANCE, 2017

'Outstanding World War II Short Film' (Nominated)



'Best Original Score' (Winner)

'Best Cinematography' (Nominated)

'Best Production Design' (Nominated)



Sydney Indie Film Festival, AUSTRALIA, 2016

'Best Male Lead' (Winner)

'Best Cinematography' (Nominated)

'Best Drama' (Nominated)

'Best Editing' (Nominated)

'Best Film' (Nominated)

'Best Production Design' (Nominated)

'Best Special Effects' (Nominated)


Portsmouth International Film Festival, UK, 2016

'Best Costume Design' (Winner)

'Best British Film' (Nominated)


Rhode Island International Film Festival, USA, 2016

'Best Short Film' (Semi-Finalist)



'Court Métrage' (Official Selection)


Los Angeles Film Festival Awards, USA, 2015

'Best Student Film' (Nominated)